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CPC has an awesome combined High School and Middle School Youth Group! We’ve leveraged both meet times to create opportunities for fellowship, fun and service to the community/world.

Your Youth Group leadership teams this year are:
Wade Gugino, Glenn Schripsema, Meredith James and Nathan James

We meet for service projects after the Growth in Grace dinner on Wednesday nights every other week. We spend an hour and a half on civic support and gospel sharing/inviting opportunities in the community

We invite senior members of our congregation to come fellowship and work beside us at these events.

After the evening service on Sundays we meet for fun…relationship building, games and learning activities. We will start together as a big group, have time for separated High School and Middle School break out groups, and then come together for an activity. There’s always food … provided by our awesome parents. We switch up venue on occasion.


At Covenant we strive to grow our women in the wisdom and knowledge of God as
well as their understanding of what Biblical Womanhood is and how to live God
glorifying lives in the midst of a fallen world. We hope to encourage one another
and energize women for Christ’s Kingdom. We seek to be a place where all women
are enfolded, nurtured, equipped and sent out to minister in all aspects of life.
Our Goal:
For every woman to know Christ personally and be committed to extending His
Kingdom in her life, home, church, community and throughout the world. The
framework of Women’s Ministry provides an opportunity for each woman to
discern and exercise her gifts and abilities to the glory of God in the total work
and worship of the church. This will become a reality as women are given
opportunities to respond to the Gospel and to pray, study the Scriptures,
fellowship and serve the Lord together.
Our ministry is rich in opportunities to serve and fellowship. Those that fall
under the head of Women’s Ministry are:
Bible Studies
Join us for a study of the book “When People are Big and God is Small” by
Edward T. Welch. We meet Wednesday’s mornings from 9:30-10:30 AM and
evenings from 6:15-7:15 PM (Child care during evening study only).
Family Life

Contact Eva Marie. owlandpussycat@aol.com
Quarterly Name Tag Sundays and Potluck
Bridal and First-baby Showers
Summer Picnic
Contact Trish. Tbransdorfer216@gmail.com 

Contact Mary Van Regenmorter
Right to Life Collections
Contact Betty redeemd3@gmail.com
We offer childcare during Sunday School and morning and evening worship
Contact Pam pam_braam@yahoo.com
Care Team
Meals for our sick and shut in parishioners
Contact Deb kamstrasteve@gmail.com
College Student Care
Care packages for our college students
Contact Jan DeMaagd